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In order to fully understand how promising an invented and programmed trading system is, it’s necessary to check it on a backtest first. Having done all the necessary tests on historical quotes (backtest), we were encouraged by the good results. You can look at the detailed results of our tests below, by clicking on the presented graphs.

AUDUSD, 100% RISKFXHelix AUDUSD 3 YEAR backtest results

AUDUSD, 35% RISKFXHelix AUDUSD 3 YEAR backtest results



FXHelix - best Expert Advisors and profitable automated Forex trading systems

FXHelix in 90% of cases trades without Martingale (increasing of lots), but in rare cases it may slightly increase lots to achieve profit.

FXHelix EA has very profitable Forex results

The EA is designed in such a way as to always trade in profit. It can open multiple trades to achieve profit.

XHelix works on USDJPY and USDCAD

Our Forex robot analyzes the history of price movements in order to notice a price movement that goes against the expected average movement on a currency pair. Based on this data, the EA makes a decision about opening a trade and its direction.

The main idea of the EA is that a price in the Forex market to a greater extent has a certain amplitude of fluctuation – replacing an upward movement, by a downward movement. Based on this principle, the EA collects a recent data on price movements, in order to find a deviation from the average rate of price movement during a certain period of time. When such a moment has been found, the EA with a high probability finds out which way the price will move, and after that begins to trade.
Our EA uses pending orders to accurately execute each trade, and so that we would not lose anything on requotes and were able to minimize all possible slippage of the opening price. FXHelix is not a Scalper and not an Arbitrage EA, which makes it compatible with any MT4 broker. That means, you can repeat the results of trading presented on our account at any honest MT4 broker.
Taking into account features of the algorithm and the fact that the EA uses a sufficiently large Take Profit, sometimes trades can stay open in the Market for a long time. However, this does not prevent it from consistently bringing a profit every month. Also, this kind of approach provides a more reliable trading style, which also fits in well with other different strategies. This means FXHelix will work well with almost any other strategies in the same portfolio.
FXHelix works on AUDUSD, and the initial deposit can be as little as $240 using lot 0.01. Our EA can also work with leverage from 1:50 and is compatible with NFA rules.


  • 1 lifetime license for any account
  • Free lifetime updates
  • User Manual and best support 24/7


We provide 30 days full money back gaurantee. If our forex software failed on your account just let us know and we will send you all your money!

“Failed” means you have used recommended settings and our EA had lost more then 40% of deposit.


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